Research is the cornerstone of all development at Braive

Architects of tomorrows mental healthcare

Braive is deeply rooted in over two decades of research on both digital and traditional face-to-face psychotherapies. This commitment to research continuously fuels our pursuit of better treatment outcomes.

Pioneering Through Innovation

Our flagship ALEC2 project, in collaboration with The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the University of Oslo (UiO), exemplifies our innovative approach. By bridging Clinical Psychology and Computer Science, we aim to reshape treatment methods, ensuring constant evolution and improvement with each therapeutic intervention.

Combining Self-Care and Professional Expertise

Braive’s platform merges self-care tools with therapist-led interventions. This synergy provides enhanced availability, scalability, and flexibility both for those in need of care and the professionals offering support.

Continuously Improving Treatment

By incorporating evidence-based treatment with dynamic machine learning loops, we consistently refine and enhance the efficacy of our interventions.

Symptom development

Effect of treatment

AI-Powered User Guidance

Our use of AI ensures that all our users are directed towards maximizing their time on essential aspects. This approach not only optimizes treatment outcomes but also amplifies the number of patients each clinician can effectively assist.

Harnessing Data for Insight and Improvement

Braive is committed to understanding what strategies are effective and which ones aren’t. We rely on data-driven feedback to evaluate and enhance our performance, ensuring that everyone involved benefits from constructive insights.

Braive Platform ensures efficient care.