Give your employees the benefit of good mental health

We track the well-being of your employees and provide follow-up, tailored to the individual’s needs.

Leading organisations trust Braive

Match intervention to needs

Empower your team

Equip your employees with essential tools to understand, improve and maintain their mental health.

Prevent sick-leave

Identify and address danger signs early by promoting a quality solution to mental well-being.

Accelerate recovery

Shorten sick-leave through supporting recovery.

Insights & Proven Outcomes


of sick leaves are caused by mental health issues


of users responded that the access to Braive was the reason they sought help

4 weeks

is the average time it takes for our users in company healthcare to move from clinical to subclinical levels

Treatment results

It’s important to measure treatments outcomes and to see that the treatment provided are yielding results. With Braive you will know the effects and outcomes of the treatment received by your employees.

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier workforce.

Here’s how your organisation can access Braive

Braive partners with the major providers within occupational health to ensure quality of care. We believe in transparency and the power of insights into the wellbeing of your organisation. Reach out to get information on how you can get access to Braive and get insights on how your organisation is doing.

Via your company’s healthcare provider

Through your health insurance

Directly, with a Braive agreement

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