The Braive way to precision treatment

At Braive, we’re reinventing mental health care with innovative digital solutions. Our mission is to empower patients and support clinicians with effective, personalised treatment paths. We’re committed to making mental wellness accessible for all.

Reshaping the future of Global Mental Healthcare

The founders Henrik, a clinical psychologist, and Hermine, an experienced entrepreneur, together created Braive with a vision to revolutionise the treatment of mental health by making effective treatment accessible. Braive’s goal is to democratise the availability of high-quality mental health services, ensuring that everyone should be able to benefit from effective treatment methods.

Unified vision,
diverse expertise

We’re a multidisciplinary team in the intersection of psychology and computer science, dedicated to crafting seamless and effective treatment experiences. Everyone works towards the same goal, contributing with their unique skill sets and perspectives.

Our Offices


Tollbugata 8A, 0152 Oslo


Bredgränd 2, 111 30 Stockholm

When I became a Clinical Psychologist in 2010, quality care was scarce and mostly confined to pen-and-paper methods, behind closed doors. I was troubled by the inefficiency of care delivery and the lack of insights into its effects. When starting Braive, we set out to build a solution that would take the guesswork out of treatment planning and delivery.

-Henrik Haaland Jahren
Founder, Chief Psychologist

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