Using the Comments Section

Comments are a great way for you to engage with the other users in your program, reach out for assistance or provide much-needed support. Read on to find out how you can be part of our collaborative learning environment!

Your comments will only be shown to the users that are enrolled in the exact same program as you, in the same language as you. All comments you leave are anonymous, meaning that they cannot in any way be traced back to you as an individual user.

Seeing how other users have taken the knowledge from the program and applied it to their daily lives can be really helpful in enabling you to do the same.

Maybe you are currently looking for help that can take you over the line into taking action? Ask the other users! Reach out and maybe someone will give you the tip you need to make your desired changes actionable!

You can always use the comments to ask for clarification on any topic in the program too- maybe other users have seen something you missed.

You may not think you have much to offer other people in your situation, but your support and the insight from your experiences may be exactly what someone out there needs. There are many users who are feeling totally alone in their struggles. Your comment will let them know that they are not alone!

All of the users in this program have similar hurdles to yours that they need to climb. If you have any ideas of how to overcome some of these challenges, share them! Perhaps, there is someone out there who is struggling to take action on certain goals they have set and your comment can help them on their way.

It may seem like a little thing, but your comment could be what it takes for other users to be able to take their next step. It is also good to know that if you are struggling to get started there are other users out there that might be able to support you if you reach out for help! So don’t be afraid to make use of the comments section as much as you want!

We want you to feel safe and supported whenever you post anything. The psychologists at Braive will moderate the comments before they become public to ensure that the they are useful for eliciting or providing support. By “useful” we mean that the comments are made with good intentions and that the comment, question or tip can help foster the inclusive and supportive learning environment that we are building together.

Please note that if you find yourself in a crisis, the comment field is not the place to post if you are in need of immediate assistance. If you do find yourself in a crisis, please reach out to the appropriate help lines! You’ll find contact information for the help lines by clicking on the Emergency Line symbol on the top right of your screen.