How the Programs Work

The Structure
This program is split into several lessons with different focus. Each lesson starts with an introduction of the coming activities. The main content of each lesson is divided into educational videos which explore important concepts, and activities which let you test out this new knowledge and add new coping strategies to your toolbox. At the end of each lesson you will get some time for reflection. This will allow you to process all the new information and reflect on the steps you've taken.

Estimated Time Frame
A lesson will not take much time to complete- probably an hour or two at most. However, much of the work of the program happens when you start applying what you have learned in the lessons in your day to day life. It is vital that you take the time to practice your new skills, coping strategies and exercises so that they become a natural part of your weekly rhythm. A significant part of each lesson will be devoted to preparing, planning and executing your activities.

Practice Makes Perfect
There is no recommended amount of time you should work on the program activities. We understand that everyone is busy and everyone has to fit the program into their existing commitments. The more time you put into the program each week, the quicker you will recover and the more long-lasting your progress will be. You should take a moment to look at your weekly diary and create some space you can dedicate to practice. Once you have found some time, make a commitment to yourself to keep working through the program to the end.

Support Each Other
Throughout the program you will have the opportunity to engage with the other users on your program, reach out for assistance or provide much needed support. Each activity has a comment section where you can talk to other use on your program. You will find more information about commenting here.


Note: There are subtitles available in our videos- if you press “CC” in the lower right corner of the video screen, you’ll be able to turn them on and off.