How can I develop my mental skills?

Developing your mental skills and abilities is all about practice and forming good habits. The first step is learning to become more aware of your thought processes by carefully observing how you react in different situations. In this way, you can learn to identify thoughts that are unhelpful or unrealistic and work on changing them.


At the same time, it’s important to look at your behaviour and look at the ways you react to stress to determine whether they are helpful coping strategies or whether they really make things worse. Then you should aim to learn and implement more effective coping strategies that help you deal with difficult situations.

Changing your thoughts, emotions and behaviours takes time and effort, just like learning any other kind of skill. You need to set aside time and energy regularly to practice your new skills and patterns of behaviour.

Each time you practice a new skill or helpful behaviour it forms stronger connections in your brain. The more you practice certain thoughts and exercises, the stronger these pathways become in your brain and easier these actions become. In this way, you will eventually create habits that replace your old ways of functioning and become your “default” way of dealing with life.