Sadness and Depression
We all experience feelings of sadness at some point in our lives. Depression, on the other hand, is when these feelings last for longer periods of time and start to affect your quality of life. Moreover, depression also causes other symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating and recurring thoughts of death and suicide. This program will help you overcome depression by taking you step-by-step through mapping your symptoms, identifying the main challenges in your life and understanding the relationships between your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Using a combination of proven CBT techniques, relaxation exercises and gradual behaviour change, you will begin to alleviate your symptoms and develop healthy habits to help you move forward. By taking the time to work through each exercise you will gain greater control of your thoughts and emotions, learn to spot when you are acting based on biases in your thinking, develop healthy daily routines, and practice powerful tools for relaxation and stress regulation. 
Mixed Anxiety and Depression
In this program you will learn more about anxiety and depression and how you, through the use of various tools and strategies, can start to manage these symptoms. The program will take you, step by step, through getting an overview of your symptoms of anxiety and depression, identifying the main causes of stress and worry in your life, and understanding which of your strategies for coping are helpful and which are not. You will then begin using tools from CBT to find better ways of coping with your challenges through identifying your thinking errors, postponing your worries and making simple changes to your daily routines to promote recovery. Over the program you will learn how to make lasting changes techniques and develop healthy new habits for life. The program spans over 12 weeks to allow you the time needed to learn and implement the changes required to improve your mental wellbeing.