The Learning Model

Braive’s Learning model is the guiding star for all our programs. Our simple five step model takes you through identifying issues, learning techniques to remedy them, practising until you master them and help you to identify for what situations and challenges the various tools are most applicable for you. As you progress through the program, each lesson will be structured around completing these five steps.

Braive’s learning model consists of five steps:

Step 1: Recognise What
The first step in any problem solving process is to get a solid understanding of where you are today and the job ahead. It is only when you have established a good understanding of the challenges you are facing today and the goals you want to work towards, that the steps you need to take become clear. The two key components in Step 1. are therefore recognising challenges and setting goals.

Step 2: Understanding Why
You will watch educational videos to learn more about why symptoms and challenges can arise. Once you understand why they come about, you are ready to learn exercises that can help you overcome them.

Step 3: Learning How
In this step you will learn the techniques and tools that can help you better cope with your symptoms and/or challenges.

Step 4: Practice and Review
In this step you really take on the role of a researcher. You start to practice the new techniques and skills that you have learned, and measure the effect that putting them into practice has on your life. Which ones are working for you? What do you need to change for it to work better?

Step 5: Keep Doing
You will keep adding new tools to your toolbox throughout your program. Our goal is to help you first gain an understanding and overview of the biggest challenges you face, and secondly that you map out which of the techniques you learn that are most helpful for you in dealing with each one. The more you practice, the more accessible these techniques will be to you as you face new and similar challenges in the future.