Our mission

Provide cost efficient, easy access solution for high-quality treatment programs targeting people with mental health challenges, worldwide.

About Braive

Braive develops courses for common mental health challenges based on CBT treatment guidelines and manuals.

Braive's founder, chief psychologist Henrik Jahren started implementing iCBT to support his traditional treatment of patients in 2010. Witnessing firsthand the effects of e-learning tools available at that time, Braive was created to unlock the potential of today's technology in the application of remote mental health care.

"Anyone can benefit from mental training to improve their productivity and wellbeing. We all know that physical training has great health benefits. It is about time we also recognise the need to train to nurture our most used resource, our brain."
Henrik H. Jahren

Our Research Projects

Henrik Haaland Jahren

Founder - Chief Psychologist

Henrik H. Jahren is a registered psychologist in Australia and Norway. Henrik is an Australian trained clinical psychologist with 10+ years experience in the development and delivery of psychological services across clinical, sport and organizational psychology.